Bench Dips

Bench Dips

Bench Dips is a good exercise not only for your Triceps but also for your chest and shoulders. 

Bench Dips are also known as Tricep Dips, assumably because the muscle most engaged in a dip is the Triceps. 


Your triceps brachii is a three-headed muscle in your arm. It is a large muscle on the back of your arm. This muscle is responsible for the extension of the elbow. You exercise the elbow by doing extension movements, and a triceps press is one form of that. 


Two-thirds of the muscles in your upper arm is your triceps. The majority of the growth of your arm will therefore come from exercises of your triceps. If you are not interested in growth but more in toning your arms from getting loose and flabby, the bench dips is also a great exercise. 


To perform a bench dip you need a bench. Place yourself in front of the bench, looking away from it.  Hold on to the bench on its edge with the arms fully extended. Extend your legs forward. Bend at the hip and place your feet in front of you. Keep your back straight.  

No start the exercise by slowly lower your body  by bending at the elbows until you lower yourself down. Your butt and your torso should not land on the bench, but instead will your buttocks come closer to the floor. Keep on going down until there is an angle slightly smaller than 90 degrees between your upper arm and your forearm. 

Use your triceps to push yourself up again, and lift yourself back to the starting position. Repeat. 


Remember to keep the elbows as close as possible throughout the movement and your forearms should always be pointing down.


If you don´t have have bench, you can of course use a regular chair. You can place your feet on top of another flat bench in front of you if you want to make the exercise more difficult. When your triceps doesn´t feel the pressure of that variation, you can have a partner place plates on top of your lap to make it even harder. 


Stand between the straps. Grab the handles from the outside with the straps under your arms. Lower yourself as low as you can. Push yourself back up again using your triceps.


After doing the bench dips you can stretch your arm. Have your arm above your head, with your elbow against the head, take the other hand and put it on your elbow, push the arm gently back for 20 seconds and then switch arms. 

If you feel this position are hurting your neck, try to do it different. You can put your elbow against a wall and lean towards the wall, or put one arm across your body and grab your elbow with the other hand and pull the arm towards your body. 


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